‘Dress it up’ in DIY-style porch decor

The perfect summer DIY-styled patio can be found in the backyard, with rustic or modern furnishings and a variety of materials.

If you want to add a bit of flair to your backyard, try the traditional porch design and add a few of your own decorating touches.

There are so many options out there for creating a rustic patio, so we’ve rounded up some of our favorite DIY-inspired ideas.1.

A DIY-Style Lawnmower, by Tim Luecky.

Tim’s DIY-y backyard design is based on the concept of “dirtless lawnmowers,” a concept that originated with lawnmower owners who wanted to be able to turn their lawns into a full-time hobby.

He’s also a certified lawnmowing instructor and an avid backyard builder, and he’s shared his techniques on YouTube.2.

A Woodland Porch in the Sun, by Chris Crouch.

Chris Copley’s DIY porch is inspired by the timeless beauty of a wooded landscape, but with some embellishments to make it even more appealing.

He uses a number of different materials to make the design, including recycled, reclaimed and wood chips, and is even offering a $500 reward for the “honestest DIY” (i.e. not a professional).3.

A Rustic Lawn, by John Hulme.

Hulman’s backyard is one of those places you just can’t get enough of.

He took a cue from the “fancy” backyard design and added rustic detailing and decorative touches, including some old-school woodwork.4.

DIY-Inspired Painted Trees, by Matt Hirsch.

The backyard of Matt Hohl is one for the urban dweller.

With a few modifications, you can add a little rustic flair to his project.5.

DIY Treehouse, by Andrew Nunez.

Andrew Nunes’ DIY porch was inspired by a “treehouse” that he built for his family and friends back in 2013.

The plan was to create a rustically-inspired interior, with lots of windows and doors that could be covered with old, worn, old-fashioned furniture, or used for other decorating purposes.

He used recycled lumber, reclaimed wood chips and a large assortment of recycled materials, and has even shared the project on YouTube (watch it in action).6.

DIY Wood-Carved Porches, by Jeffery Dehn.

The “woodcarved porch” concept has gained a lot of traction over the past few years, and the designer behind it is using his own reclaimed lumber to make a rusticsome DIY-like design.

The wooden panels are painted, and a number can be turned into a variety, from classic wood, to a modern wood.7.

A Traditional Porch, by Adam Smith.

Adam Smith’s DIY Porches are a great way to add an urban flair to a classic or rustic look.

His designs are inspired by old-world homes in the Midwest, with an emphasis on “old” furniture and details.

He makes his own lumber and finishes them with hand-painted detailing.8.

A “Bucket-o-Dodge” Porch with a Pile of Stacked Pile Bags, by Alex Lauer.

This DIY porch design takes a different approach to decorating than most DIY projects, and it can be accomplished with either a bucket or a pile of stacks of plastic bags.

He adds decorative details and decorative bits to the designs to add the finishing touch.9.

A Pine-Tree Painted Cabinetry, by David Kostes.

This simple DIY porch looks like a classic wooden cabinetry design, but is a lot more fun to make.

It’s a great option for people who like to take a little extra care when decorating their living spaces, or just for a casual look.10.

DIY “Stacked Piles” for a Porch-A-Plate, by J. Scott Miller.

This rustic, vintage-inspired design has a little something for everyone.

The porch is a bit more casual, and each individual stack of lumber is hand-stamped and painted with a specific color, such as a green or blue.

It also includes some decorative bits and materials for decorating the entire cabinetry.11.

A Cactus-Stacked Porch for the Homeowner, by James Stuck.

James’s DIY “Porch-a-plate” porch was designed to have rustic charm in a modern-style style.

The design incorporates a variety

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