Aussie bird cages are ‘not really decorative’ for kids

AUSTRALIA’S newest additions to its pet-friendly pet-recreation menu are a series of ornate sunflower-themed bird cages for kids.

The ABC’s Victoria Live has learned that the “Crispy Bird Cage” and “Crowd Favorite” have been installed at a Sydney restaurant, and are “designed for children” and are not really decorative.

“The Crop Cage is the only one that is really a cage that is actually edible,” chef Rob Bresler told the ABC.

“There’s a few pieces of fruit, some flowers and a couple of other things that can be used for decoration.”

“The crowd favorite is a bit more fanciful but I’m not sure why it has to be a cage.”

Mr Breslers said the cage, designed by Mr Breslier’s family, was a favourite of his parents and was “pretty popular with children” as it was designed to “look like a cage”.

“I love how they did the decoration,” Mr Bremler said.

“They went out and bought all the pieces of fabric that they had laying around and got some little birds that they could feed them.”

Then they painted them all different colours.

“They made it a little more fancy and put a couple more little birds in it and then they painted it a bit brighter.”

The design of the Crop cage is a “crispy bird cage” with fruit, flowers and birds on the sides, with a cage wall.

The Cone Cage, also a “Crop Cage”, was designed by Rob Bremlier’s parents, but also features a cage with fruit and flowers on the front.

This model is decorated with a number of different pieces of material and also features fruit and a basket of flowers on a side.

As well as the “cute” design, the “mango” design also features in the cage.

While Mr Bredler said the Cone and Crop cages were both popular with kids, he said he found the “fancy” cage design “a little bit fanciful”.

“It looks like a very fanciful cage, a cage full of different coloured pieces of cloth,” he said.

Mr Mertz, who also owns the Sydney-based Flora Café, told the Victoria Live the Cans were a “great choice” for kids who like to “eat a lot”.

“I think it is really cute, it’s fun, it makes it really cute,” he told the broadcaster.

“We’ve been making it for quite a while now and we’ve got a lot of kids in here.”

Despite the “barnyard” nature of the design, Mr Merts said the “kids love it” and would enjoy watching the birds play.

A few of the birds have been spotted around the restaurant, including one that “takes a liking to” the “garden” design.

“It’s been really popular with our kids,” he explained.

But Mr Breler said “theres a lot more to this design” as the cage has been designed for “kids who really love to eat”.

“They really like to play with the fruit, they really like the flowers, they like the baskets, and they really love the little things,” he added.

“So, I think it’s a really nice cage.”

Read more about Australia’s new pet-safe pet decorating rules here.

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