How to make DIY LED lights in under two hours

It’s hard to believe that a few weeks ago, we all heard that LED lights were the future.

Now, the tech has been around for years and we’ve even got the most popular one, the Philips Hue.

The biggest difference with Philips Hue is that it’s actually very easy to build.

If you’re interested in building your own LED lights, this tutorial will show you how to put them together in less than two hours.

And that’s if you don’t mind putting them on your bathroom or your living room.

First, you need a few parts: a light source, an LED lamp, a couple of bulbs, a power supply, and a few pieces of paper.

We’ll assume you already have a bunch of LED lights.

If not, get your hands on a couple.

There’s no point in trying to build an LED bulb if you’re not going to be using them, so you’ll need to build a few.

The basic rule of thumb is to put your lights on a piece of paper or a piece you can find in your local hardware store.

It doesn’t have to be a real piece of plastic, but it should have some kind of light source.

If your LED lamp is just going to light up, you’ll want to get a dimmer switch.

The dimmer switches we’re talking about here are called dimmers.

You can buy dimmer bulbs on Amazon or Home Depot.

The light source that you use will be the LED lamp.

When you put the LED on the paper, you’re essentially turning on the LED.

Once you turn it on, the dimmer turns on, and you can then switch on your LED bulb to light it up.

There are some important rules about how the LEDs work.

You should never put the LEDs in a direct light source unless you’re using them to turn a light on.

The bulbs should be dimmed to just a few percent brightness to avoid glare.

The bulb should be connected to a single, flat, white light source so that the bulb can be easily connected to any other light source you might need it to be connected too.

We’re going to talk about how to connect the bulb to the LED light source and the power supply.

First up, connect the bulbs to the power source.

Put them in a dark place.

It’s not going out to a room with no light sources in it.

You’re going home.

The power source is a single piece of electrical wire that you can buy for under $1 at Home Depot, Walmart, or Target.

The wire should be fairly long, about a foot long, and it should be long enough to reach the bulb.

You want to put the wire in the most secure position possible, so that you’re pulling it away from the bulb while you’re at home.

That’s the tricky part.

If the bulb is plugged in, the wires are connected to the wrong end.

When the wires get tangled, the bulbs will stop working.

That means that when you plug in your lights, they won’t turn on.

That is the part that needs to be done first.

First off, pull out the bulb’s switch.

You may need to do this in several places.

You’ll want a pair of pliers, a socket wrench, or a pair, depending on how long the wires go.

Now you’re going look for the LED bulb’s dimmer circuit.

There you’ll find the circuit, or the part of the circuit that controls when the bulbs light up.

The circuit has three parts: an LED, a battery, and an indicator light.

The LEDs are what make the lights light up at all.

The battery is connected to your computer or phone so that it can run a program that will automatically turn on the LEDs when the computer or smartphone is connected.

If it doesn’t work, you can turn it off.

The indicator light is connected by a small switch.

It should turn on and off as needed.

The switch is connected, by default, to a red LED.

When it’s red, the LED will turn on automatically.

When red is turned off, the LEDs will turn off.

This circuit also makes sure that when your lights turn on, they are lit.

This is called “auto dimming.”

There are a couple other parts of the LED circuit that we’ll talk about later.

The rest of the circuits in this tutorial are connected with a small piece of wire called a resistor.

These wires are usually the same as the LEDs, but they are smaller and they are sometimes called “diodes.”

They are used to amplify the light signal that the LEDs receive.

When they’re turned on, these “dio” circuits are also amplified.

When a red or green LED turns on and the resistor is turned on or off, they’re actually connected together, which causes the LEDs to turn on or on automatically, making the light appear brighter.

The second part of your LED light circuit is called the inverter.

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