Why do you need a ceiling decoration?

An article on the BBC News website quotes a number of experts, including the chief medical officer of the Royal College of Physicians, who say that a ceiling that resembles a human skull could lead to mental health problems for some patients.

The article also says that it is possible that the skull may be responsible for a rise in depression among young people.

The article by Professor Simon Wessely, a lecturer at the University of Oxford, and Dr. Nick Williams, of the University College London, is published in the Journal of Neuroscience.

Williams, who is the lead author of the article, said in an interview with BBC News:I don’t think it’s the first time that we have heard about these phenomena in the literature.

But I don’t see it as having a direct cause.

We’ve had these effects before, we’ve had this phenomenon before, but I don, frankly, don’t believe it is the first, nor will it be the last, of these.

Wessely and Williams are two of the leading experts in the field of the human brain.

The two are also known for their work on the genetics of schizophrenia, which is a form of autism.

They also have a large number of peer-reviewed publications.

The BBC article quotes Dr. Ian Macdonald, a professor of psychiatry at Imperial College London and a leading expert in the research of human brain development.

Dr. Macdonald said that although the authors were not entirely convinced of the possibility of a link between a ceiling’s appearance and psychiatric symptoms, they did not see a need to do anything drastic to protect against the effects of such an effect.

Wesley said that even if the effect did occur, the consequences would be minimal because of the high probability of such a ceiling being placed over a child’s head.

Williams agreed.

He told the BBC that if the ceiling was a real thing, then it would be very unlikely to affect the brain development of children.

However, Wessele pointed out that, if it were, it could potentially lead to a rise of depression among children.

He said:I think the thing is, it’s probably going to be a really bad effect.

But it’s certainly not going to affect any particular brain areas.

So, the risk is small.

It’s very, very small, but it’s not a great risk, and I think that’s important.

The authors of the BBC article have also discussed whether such a design could be a potential factor in autism spectrum disorder.

The Telegraph reports that the two have written an article for the Journal to look at this issue.

Williams has also written a book on the topic, which he is planning to publish later this year.

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