Which decor is the worst?

The decor in the homes of celebrities and the super rich is getting a little more extravagant this year, with more and more of it being stolen.

Here’s how it breaks down.


Christmas steeples 1.1 million Christmas tree steeplings, or 3.4 percent of all the tree stumps in the U.S., were stolen in 2016, according to an analysis by The Wall Street Journal.

The Wall St. Journal analysis identified 1.9 million steepling thefts, or 14 percent of the total, in the first quarter of 2017.

Christmas tree theft has become a new trend this year.

The WSJ analysis identified nearly 200,000 Christmas tree decorations from New York, New Jersey, Illinois, California, Florida, Ohio, Georgia, Virginia and North Carolina, which were stolen from homes and businesses in the last two years.

More than half of the Christmas tree thefts in 2016 were in Florida.

In 2017, a total of 5,700 Christmas tree items were stolen.

Christmas decorations have become increasingly popular among wealthy individuals this year as they are often a centerpiece in weddings, funerals and parties.

There have also been recent reports of people stealing Christmas decorations in New York City.

The decor thefts also include hundreds of thousands of dollar holiday decorations in homes across the country.

A recent investigation by ABC News found that people are buying hundreds of thousand of dollars worth of decorations, even though the decorations are not in use.

The thefts, according the ABC News investigation, come as Americans are gearing up for the holidays and are buying the most festive decorations.


Christmas Tree Sculptures 1.4 million Christmas Tree sculptures, or 1.6 percent of total Christmas tree sculptures in the country, were stolen this year according to a report by ABCNews.

The ABC News analysis identified 2.5 million Christmas trees in the United States, and more than 3.2 million Christmas sculptures, 1.3 percent of which were in homes, hotels and garages.

The theft of Christmas Tree statues was particularly notable, according ABC News.

The total number of sculptures in U. S. homes and garaged was estimated at about 2.3 million, the report found.

More popular than ever before is the trend of people taking Christmas Tree sculpture sculptures and putting them up in garages, even when there is no use for them, according CNNMoney.


Christmas Truce Truce vendors have been popping up around the country this year in order to raise money for needy families.

In addition to giving money to homeless families and needy families in need, the sale of Christmas Truces has become an increasingly popular way for people to raise funds for the families affected by the hurricanes, floods, wildfires and other natural disasters.

According to the WSJ report, a survey by the National Salvation Army found that more than 70 percent of its members had purchased Christmas Trucs at least once.


Christmas Ornament and Gifts The WSZ report also identified more than 2.4 billion Christmas tree ornament and gift items in the world.

According the WSZ, nearly 1.5 billion Christmas trees were stolen globally in 2016.

The report identified more 2.8 billion Christmas Tree items.

The majority of the ornament and tree gifts that were stolen were purchased by U.s. citizens, with most of the stolen items coming from overseas.

According a CNNMoney report, Christmas tree thieves in the Philippines stole more than $4.5 trillion worth of Christmas trees, worth more than the value of all of the houses in the nation.


Halloween decorations Halloween decorations are a big draw for people looking for something fun to do during the holidays, and the WSAP analysis found that almost 3.6 million Halloween decorations were stolen, or nearly 1 percent of Halloween decorations worldwide.

More Halloween decorations in the home were stolen than any other category of decorations.

The amount of Christmas decorations stolen in the past year has been rising as well, with the total number being estimated at more than 4.1 billion.


Halloween costume and party decorations Halloween costumes are a trend that is becoming increasingly popular.

In recent years, there have been many reports of kids and teens wearing costumes for Halloween.

WSJ reports that more Americans are planning to dress up as their favorite characters for Halloween, or as their own Halloween costumes.

WSAP reports that the number of Americans dressing up as characters has risen to nearly 10 million in 2017.

WSZ reports that a study from the Pew Research Center found that while Halloween costumes were growing, people are wearing Halloween costumes in their homes and workplaces.


Christmas Day Market in Santa Barbara, Calif.

Christmas shoppers enjoy a day out on the town this year and some people are taking advantage of that.

WSYNC reports that Santa Barbara has been hit hard by the Christmas Day holiday, with hundreds of stores having to close in the city because of a shortage of supplies.

WSYYNC reported that there have also reportedly been some incidents of people being chased out of stores

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