Which Redditors are the most likely to be racist?

In an effort to help Redditors with their racist tendencies, I’ve compiled some data from Reddit’s user community.

Here are the top ten subreddits that are most likely (based on my own subjective research) to be a source of racist content.

I’ve also included a table with the top five most likely subreddits for each of these categories.

It includes the top 10 most frequently shared subreddits as well as the top 5 most likely subreddit for each type of racist activity.1.











The Daily Show with Jon Stewart2.

CNN with Anderson Cooper3.

MSNBC with Joe Scarborough4.

Fox News with Greta Van Susteren5.

CNN Newsroom with Dana Bash6.

CNN’s “The Lead with Jake Tapper” with James Rosen7.

CNN The Lead with Chris Cuomo8.

Fox Business with Neil Cavuto9.

The View with Joy Behar10.

CNNs “The Situation Room” with Wolf BlitzerThe top 10 racist subreddits are: r/sports, r/news, r_sports, d_games, rathqs_news, dgnews, cbs_news and dnbc.

This is a list that is likely to include a lot of spam, so I’ve added a disclaimer to indicate that this is probably a very high-volume subreddit, and is not a good place to be if you’re not comfortable reading racist comments.1.) r_news2.) rathquakes3.) rncaas4.) rtesports5.) rscams6.) rtgnews7.) rfiscal 8.) rsports9.) rthe worldnews10.) rdgcnews1.)

The Daily Beast with David Brock2.)

The Nation with Paul Craig3.)

The New York Times with Margaret Sullivan4.)

MSNBC with Chris Matthews5.)

CNN’s CNN The Newsroom6.)

CNN NewsRoom with Jake Tereszcuk7.)

CNN The Situation Room with Wolf

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