It’s the perfect way to decorate your house

We’ve all seen the ads for faux plant decorations: the little green houses, the giant garden, the flower pots that you can put under your sink.

But the faux plants we’ve been seeing on display are actually plants we bought at the local farmers market or online.

They’re really easy to put together and look really nice.

The trick to making these plants fake is to cut them into a variety of different shapes and colors.

The first thing you need to do is get your DIY decorating kit.

The DIY kit includes everything you’ll need to create a fake plant: a paint brush, a paint pot, a bowl, a plastic container, a glass jar, a knife, scissors, and a ruler.

You’ll also need a few basic supplies: a spray bottle, a paper towel, a towel brush, and some glue.

It might seem like a lot, but it’s all you need for the next step: the actual fabrication.

Make a fake Plant, Then Cut It into a Variety of Different Designs Here’s how to create an attractive fake plant, with its leaves, stems, and flower buds.

To make it look realistic, you’ll want to choose the exact shapes of the fake plant that you like best.

You can use scissors to cut the plant into its different shapes.

For the stems, cut a circle into a long stem.

For its leaves and buds, cut long stems.

For each flower, cut two short stems.

Cut the flowers into their respective shapes.

Make the fake plants the same size as the real plants.

This will make it easier for you to get the flowers right in your hand.

After you’ve cut all of the flowers, it’s time to put them in the fake pot.

Start by filling the fake flower bowl with water and spraying it on the fake flowers.

Make sure you cover the fake bowl with a paper napkin or a piece of cardboard.

Next, add some glue and water to the fake pots.

Put some paper towels in the bowl and cover it with the plastic container.

Now you need the paper towel brush to cut all the fake buds into the fake shapes.

Using a knife or scissors, cut each fake bud into the shape of a flower bud.

After that, you can add some water and paint the fake petals and leaves to the flowers.

Now the real work begins!

Here are some pictures of the finished fake plant.

Note: I’m using the photos in this article as a guideline only.

You may need to add or remove the fake leaves, petals, and stems if the colors or shapes change.

You could also use a plastic jar instead of a paper cup to fill the fake container with water.

You should end up with two different plant designs in your kitchen.

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