The Christmas stairs are going up in the city’s downtown core

Decorating the Christmas stairways around the city will be a major Christmas event this year.

The new Christmas tree will be on the new Main Street Market, a $3 million renovation to be completed by Decorations Inc. of Montreal.

The City of Montreal has earmarked $6 million for this project, but is still seeking private funding.

Decoration Inc. said the new tree will replace the Christmas tree at the downtown plaza, a building that was demolished in 2016.

It’s a move that’s meant to provide an urban context for the new holiday tree.

“There’s a lot of different types of people that will be celebrating this day in the next few months, and we wanted to do something different,” said Janice D’Amato, CEO of Decorions Inc. “We wanted to bring the city together and make it feel festive.”

The city’s new Main St. Market is the first in the downtown core to receive a Christmas tree.

The tree is expected to be unveiled this week.

“It’s been a long time coming,” said D’Ammato.

“The trees have been on the plaza for more than 20 years, but this is the big one.”

Decorated the new downtown plaza with an old Christmas tree to match, a new tree and a tree for a new plaza Decorators Inc. has also renovated the plaza, with new lighting, tree decorations and seating for 250 people.

The renovations, which took place over the summer, included new landscaping and a new Christmas theme for the plaza.

The plaza’s new Christmas Tree is expected for completion by the end of December.

“In the coming weeks we’ll be unveiling the new trees, as well as putting the new decorations in place,” said Michael MacLellan, president of Decoration Inc. The renovated plaza has been transformed into the new Christmas Village, a community that will feature a food market and a cafe.

“This plaza will be our new home for our family and our community,” said MacLelan.

“Our hope is to bring people together on Christmas Eve, and to celebrate our country’s victory over Nazism.”

Decoration is currently in the process of putting a new, improved Christmas tree up on the tree that was destroyed by the city in 2016, and has been in discussions with the City of Winnipeg to put a new one up there.

The Tree will replace an old tree on the Main Street Marketplace.

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