How to get rid of the coast-to-coast decor from your home

A coastal decorating trend that’s spreading around Australia and New Zealand is being hailed as a “miracle” by locals.

It’s not the first time such a trend has been heralded.

But a wave of new decor ideas has seen the trend spread from the New Zealand coastline to other parts of the country.

A Victorian couple’s new beach house in Brisbane was a hit with locals, with one saying it had “a unique and beautiful feel” that “gave the whole house a sense of community”.

The owners, Julie and Stephen Brown, are keen to keep the trend alive and are selling it as a local tradition.

“We wanted to try something new, something that’s not traditional, something you can’t see in a lot of other homes,” Ms Brown said.

“People can’t find the right style of decor, they just don’t want to buy a house that’s too traditional.”

“It’s like a beach house, it’s got a lot going on.”

Mr Brown said the beach house had been on the market for about a year.

“It was an easy decision to make because of the way we look at our house, we’re very eclectic.”

I have a beach home and a house in my backyard, it has to be a unique, unique and special one,” he said.

A local Victorian couple say their new beach home is a hit in their community.

The couple, who have lived in Brisbane for three years, had to put a lot into the house.”

The house was very unique, it was very modern, it had a beautiful feel, it made the house feel a little bit like a castle,” Mr Brown said, adding that he was a huge fan of sea life and had been trying to find a home for his favourite animal, the sea otter.

The Browns are now selling the house in their backyard.”

If you’ve got a big family, you want something that looks like you’re living with them, it makes the home feel bigger,” he explained.”

When you look at it from a distance, it feels a little too modern for me, it just doesn’t feel right to me.

“But, when you look up close, you’ll see it’s an absolute pleasure to live in.”

“You can see a lot more of the natural elements, so I can live with the sea and enjoy it a little more.”

Mr and Ms Brown also live in a town called Erskineville, which has a large number of locals.

“There’s a lot to do around here, a lot people are out and about, they’re just so excited,” Mr Foulds said.

Mr Brown also has a dog.

“She loves it, she just loves it,” he added.

“You don’t see it as being traditional in the house, but when you get out there and see people on the beach, it really is.”

A local beach house owner says the trend is on the rise.

The trend has attracted a lot interest, and is spreading around the state.

“For the first few weeks, it kind of went away, it didn’t really look like the beach houses were there,” Ms Fould said.

But that hasn’t stopped the couple from trying to bring the trend back.

“What I like about the trend, it takes people out of their comfort zone, it allows them to live a little less traditional, a little nicer, a bit more eclectic,” Ms Janson said.

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