Wall of shame – A Jewish woman in Israel

A Jewish mother of four has been forced to pay $1,000 in compensation after a wall of wooden shelves on her home in the West Bank was vandalised by an Arab man.

The Wall of Shame was built in 2014, with the intention of providing an alternative to a wall on her street in the village of Yatta, near Ramallah.

The wall is constructed of concrete and covered with wooden panels.

A woman said she had bought the panels for the wall and installed them on her front door.

“They came after a week.

The next day they attacked me.

I did not know what to do,” she told Al Jazeera.

“I was afraid to go outside because of the smell of the wood.”

After two months of fighting, the wall was finally removed, but the vandalism was not resolved.

“The first week of May was the worst,” she said.

“We did not even know that it was a wall.

We only saw it in the news.”

The wall had been constructed by a local builder who was unable to complete his construction.

“At the end of the first week they said they would leave, but they did not,” she added.

The woman decided to give up and bought the wooden panels, and now has to pay the $1.2,000 she was unable for repairs.

“He did not pay us because he did not have a permit to build,” she claimed.

“When I told him, he said: ‘I am not going to pay it back because I don’t have the permit.'”

“I asked him: ‘What’s the problem?

You just left it alone?'”

The Wall Of Shame is not the first time the Wall of Israel has been vandalised.

In 2014, Israeli soldiers set fire to a wooden wall on the West Wall in East Jerusalem.

According to the Jerusalem Post, the incident led to a major escalation in tensions between Israel and the Palestinians.

The building of the Wall Of Israel was built on private land and the government is responsible for its upkeep.

The walls were designed by the Israeli Architectural Association, which was not authorised to construct them.

The Israeli Civil Administration does not allow the building of walls or other structures on private Palestinian land, which means the wall is the responsibility of the Palestinian Authority.

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