When a plant gets too cute, it makes a bed pillow for you

Bedding is a popular way to incorporate plants into your home, but it can be a difficult task to replicate the look of real plants.

Luckily, there are plenty of options out there for DIY plants.

Here are five DIY plants to make your room look more alive and inviting.


DIY plant bed pillow The DIY plant pillow is an easy DIY way to decorate your room and is made from just a few simple materials.

Take a sheet of paper and cut out an oval shape and lay it over a plastic or metal plate.

Then you can roll up the paper and place it on top of the plastic plate.

A cardboard box will work as a base for the pillow.


DIY flower bed pillow The DIY flower pillow is made of paper or cardboard and can be made with a variety of materials.

For a more romantic look, try placing a few flowers on top to add a little romance to the whole room.


DIY wall flower bed Pillow makers like this one use paper or plastic sheeting to create the illusion of a wall flower.

You can either roll it up and place on the ground or use it as a makeshift flower bed.


DIY tree plant pillow A DIY tree pillow makes it easy to make a cute tree in your home.

Simply cut out a small tree from a sheet and roll it out onto the bed.

A piece of plastic sheet is then placed over the base of the pillow to create a decorative base.


DIY waterbed flower pillow If you want to make the most of the plants in your room, a waterbed plant pillow could be a good option.

The waterbed pillow can be used as a cushion, a bedding, or a decorative piece.


DIY garden bed pillow A beautiful DIY garden pillow can look amazing on your living room wall.

You will need to make some DIY crafts, but these DIY plant beds are pretty easy to assemble.


DIY outdoor plant bed pillow Another DIY plant book, this one comes with a simple cardboard or plastic garden bed.

Use it to create some outdoor plants or plants you want in your yard.


DIY bedding plant pillow If your DIY garden plants look amazing in your bedroom, you can also make a beautiful DIY bed to match.

Start by cutting a square out of a piece of cardboard and using a pencil to mark where you want the plant to sit.

Use a piece for the floor or a piece to create something beautiful in the corner.


DIY patio plant pillow Some plants are so adorable and simple that they can be cut out of plastic or cardboard sheets to make something that’s just right for your backyard.

Use the paper or the plastic sheets to create an attractive garden bed or a bed for a patio or patio patio.


DIY kitchen plant pillow This DIY plant design will make your kitchen look more lively with your plants.

Cut a square piece of paper out of some plastic or paper and lay a rectangle on top.

This will create a cute, fun plant bed.

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