The biggest Christmas decorations in America aren’t Christmas trees but blue ones

The holidays are usually filled with big, festive, and festive Christmas trees.

But as we know, Christmas is often about celebration and joy, not all of it positive.

In fact, a new study published in the journal Nature shows that when people view blue Christmas decorations, they’re less likely to feel positive emotions and more likely to have negative ones. 

The study found that people were more likely than those viewing red or white decorations to say they were “very happy” or “very sad” when seeing a blue Christmas tree, even though the decorations were often made of wood.

People were also less likely than others to describe their feelings as “positive” or a “positive emotion.”

The study also found that while the majority of people who viewed blue Christmas trees felt positive, the majority also felt negative emotions about them.

People were more than twice as likely to describe feelings of sadness as happiness in response to seeing a Christmas tree decorated with a blue or green Christmas tree.

People also were less likely for positive emotions to be associated with the Christmas tree than negative emotions.

“When we see a red, green, or white Christmas tree adorned with a large blue or orange flower, we are more likely in the short term to experience positive emotions,” said lead author Dr. Rachel C. Hildebrand of the University of British Columbia.

“But when we see that same tree adorned in red, blue, or orange, our mood is less likely.

When we see blue or white, our emotion is much more likely a negative emotion.”

Hildebrand and her colleagues conducted a study that tracked emotions experienced by 1,037 participants across three studies.

In each study, participants were asked to watch clips of animated characters that they would recognize and to rate the emotion they felt during each animation.

The researchers also analyzed data from two other studies that measured emotions.

In one, participants watched videos of animals, like animals in cartoons, and were then asked to rate how they felt about each animal.

In the second study, they watched a film that included animated characters and were asked about their feelings about the characters.

The researchers said that they found that in the first study, the participants were more willing to report feelings of happiness than negative emotion, and in the second they were more inclined to report negative emotion than positive emotion.

In a second study that focused on people’s reactions to images of children, Hildebrand and her team found that the majority (61%) of people reported that they felt happy or positive after seeing children’s drawings of cute, smiling children.

The study also showed that people who watched the videos of cute children were more motivated to express their positive feelings about those children. 

In a third study, people were asked how they perceived the holiday season by asking them to describe what they saw on a Christmas card. 

Researchers found that, after the study, 57% of people felt “very” or very “somewhat” happy when seeing an animated Christmas card, and only 23% felt “slightly” or somewhat happy.

The study focused on feelings of joy, sadness, and positive emotions associated with blue and green Christmas decorations.

It found that there was a significant difference between how people perceived Christmas, and the emotional state of people when watching the images of these Christmas decorations that were made with blue or red Christmas trees, compared to those that were decorated with white or red decorations.

“We have a strong belief that when we look at images of different kinds of Christmas decorations we should see the same kinds of emotional state and emotions,” Hildeberts study authors wrote in the paper.

“However, we also have a lot of evidence that shows that different types of Christmas decoration affect different people’s emotions.

So we wondered, why does one kind of Christmas decoration affect emotions differently than another?

The answer is simple: different people have different emotional states when they see different kinds.”

Hillebrand said that there is a clear link between how happy people feel and how they experience emotions.

This may be a direct result of how our bodies respond to certain types of stimuli, or the differences in the way our brains process certain types.

“Our research shows that there are certain cues that are more important for emotional reactions,” Hillebrand explained.

“For example, when we experience negative emotions, our brains are more engaged.

When people are emotionally stimulated, we feel a lot more positive emotions.

Similarly, when people experience positive emotional experiences, their brain is more engaged.”

She added, “It’s really important to understand that what we’re doing is simply a way to create an emotional environment that we can experience as positive emotions.”

Hillyard said that her findings are an example of how science can improve our ability to understand how we feel, whether positive or negative.

“If we can identify the emotional states people have when they’re experiencing positive emotions, we can then better understand what kinds of emotion are best for them,” Hillyard added.

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